Saving Energy with ammonia/CO2

With special coverage of the food retail sector, the September issue of Accelerate America explains why JTM Corp., which operators 19 franchised Piggly Wiggly stores along the Georgia/Alabama border in the center of those states, opted to install an ammonia/CO2 cascade refrigeration system last year in a new store in Columbus. Ga., In so doing it became only the fourth supermarket in the U.S. to deploy this type of system. Keith Milligan, CIO of the family-owned business started by his father, chose the system (from Heatcraft Worldwide Refrigeration) for its energy-saving capability as well as to avoid the growing costs and regulatory burdens of traditional synthetic refrigerants (HCFCs and HFCs). During a four-month period this year, the NH3/CO2 system saved 22% in energy consumption compared to an HFC system in the same store. Moreover, because the ammonia charge is very small (53 lbs.) and confined to the roof, Milligan is confident it does not represent a hazard to customers or employees.

Also in the September issue: A unique installation of 46 low-charge ammonia units at a cold-storage warehouse in Long Beach, Calif., owned by Baker Cold Storage and operated by Lineage Logistics; an overview of the natural refrigerant strategy pursued by food retail giant Delhaize (now merged with Ahold) in Europe, the U.S. and elsewhere; a look at how the Bonneville Power Administration is developing incentives for energy-saving natural refrigerant systems for commercial and industrial applications in the Pacific Northwest; and a profile on Cooltech Applications, which is bringing magnetic refrigeration to beverage coolers in the U.S. – and more!

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